EMPOWER has successfully installed 180 Deep Core Bore Wells. The recipient communities are now able to safely access potable water that sustains them all year round. These wells are open to all people irrespective of caste, religion or socio-economic status.


To provide sustainable fresh water resources to 180 underprivileged communities/people groups in Northern India.

Activities undertaken

  • Community involvement in construction.
  • Placing trained community members in centres of influence within the community to increase the sustainability aspects of the project.

Needs addressed

  • Sustained supply of fresh drinking water in specific regions and villages thus filling key health and hygiene needs within the community.
  • Unification of focus amongst community.

Benefits generated

  • Sustained improvement in provision of fresh water.
  • Improved quality of life of all ages, through current and subsequent generations of the community people groups.
  • Increased safety to communities who currently, in many instances, are forced to face persecution and injury if they seek to access water from other sources.



“The well installed by EMPOWER is open to all. The well has now become a meeting ground for women of different groups. It also helps in maintaining peace and stability in our village.”


EMPOWER Community Leader

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