Right now, in India there’s an estimated 78 million homeless people, including 11 million street children, who do not have a safe place to call home. Empart is striving to create safe homes for men, women and children.

Slum children

$50 provides a home for 1 person for 1 week. Please give now!



To help provide a home for a vulnerable person who is in desperate need – that includes their food, accommodation, clothing and carers.

The Solution

For $50 you can help provide one person with a home for a full week – that’s a man, woman or child who will have a safe haven.

Empower Homes

Empower currently cares for over 200 children in our Hostels and Homes for children. Some of these children have similar stories to Kain (read his story below). Others have been rescued from the streets, the sex trade or child trafficking. Others may be orphans. However, they’re all safe and have a loving home.

Empower also has homes for widows and those who suffer from mental illness. All homes provide security and a safe haven for those whom society has rejected. Right now, you have an opportunity to help someone in need of a home.

Kain and his Empower family growing up

Kain grew up in an Empower Home

Kain is a leader in the field. His life changed when he started living at an Empower Home (pictured above and with his Empower family, standing in the back row on the right).

“I grew up in a remote village. My family was poor and both parents suffered from chronic sickness. I remember time after time my father spending all our money offering sacrifices to his gods, desperately praying for healing, but still the sickness remained.

When I was five, thanks to the influence of an Empower worker Bulu, my parents gradually recovered. We thought our troubles were over, but we were rejected by the villagers. We faced many challenges, like no work and trouble getting food. We were so poor that I was forced to stop going to my school.

My parents sent me to an Ashram (spiritual place) but I had to worship other deities there. I was so confused and didn’t want to be there. I left and went back home planning on working in the fields for a daily wage to try and get food for my family. I was only 12 years old.

In 2008, Bulu and my parents helped me join an Empower Home for boys. I was so excited! I was given new clothes, had regular food and I could go to school. My parents saw a big change in me.

The atmosphere in the Home shaped me into who I am today. My Big Brother and Sister (house parents) were so loving. They helped me a lot in my journey.

I’m very thankful to generous partners who enabled me to grow up in a Home with electricity and water from the well near our home, and that I could go to school and get a proper education.”

Kain continues, “As I grew Bulu and my Big Brother at the Home were very influential in my life. Watching and learning from them, I developed a strong desire to become a leader in my community. I joined a Skills Training Centre and after graduating was then personally selected to attend a Leadership Management Development Centre (LMDC).

I graduated from the LMDC in April this year and have a great vision for the future. I will be returning to my home village as a Worker so that I can transform the region with the same love and care that I was shown.

I can truly say I don’t know what my life would have been without Bulu and the Empower Home. If it wasn’t for the safety and love there, I would probably be working in the dirt and not helping people. I would never have been to the LMDC or trained to be a leader. The man and servant I am today is because of the Empower Home.”

$50 provides a home for 1 person for 1 week. Please give now!


“My husband died of a heart attack in 2009 and left me helpless with my 8 year old daughter. Now I have been given a good place to stay and serve others. Five years I endured shame, pain and rejection. Today I am so happy. Thank you for saving poor widows like me.”


Nuram, 35, Resident of an Empower Widow’s Home

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