We love and care for the most vulnerable in society

You can help nurture children through education or residential care


Empart has fully accredited English language schools that provide quality education to thousands of children regardless of caste or religion.

Our presence in communities through schools is bringing a change in the mindset of parents regarding education. Most villagers don’t place any importance on education. Traditionally children stop attending school at 2nd or 3rd Grade. They begin working in agriculture or other trades to make money to support their families.

Empart has started 12 Schools teaching 4734 students. They are equipped with dedicated classrooms, libraries, safe drinking water and toilet facilities. Life in the villages is improving with the establishment of schools.

You can get involved in purchasing land, setting up facilities or in the ongoing operation of a School.


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Residential Hostels

Empart’s Residential Hostels are homes where needy children are cared for and loved. The children may be from a very large family who can’t financially provide for them or one or more parents may be absent. Our Field Workers who are serving in remote areas where there is no access to a school, may send their children to a Residential Hostel too.

Children attend school, have a warm bed, regular meals and live very different lives – they have hope and a future to look forward to.

You can get involved in purchasing land, setting up and equipping the Hostel or in its ongoing operation.

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