In India 636 million people still have no access to toilets. Open defecation is part of everyday life and is perpetuated by religious and cultural beliefs. This is a contributing factor causing extreme poverty, with tangible consequences on human health, dignity and security, education, the environment, and social and economic development.

Project Goal

Safe and hygienic sanitation – for every person.


EMPOWER has been invited by the government of India to be part of the solution. Public toilet blocks are an immediate solution to provide safe and hygienic sanitation for thousands of people.

This nationally and internationally approved toilet design is eco-friendly, socio-culturally acceptable and economically affordable. The double and single pit toilets will be constructed using local materials and local labour.

The complexities of community change require ongoing education and clear project ownership. The toilet blocks will be located in communities where there is an existing EMPOWER social worker and network, assuring accountability for the ongoing maintenance and non-discriminatory access to the facility.


1000 properly constructed and maintained public toilets in 200 communities across North India, enabling families and individuals to access hygienic sanitation without loss of dignity or personal safety.


One toilet block can be constructed and fully operational for AUD 1,815.
Total for 1000 toilet blocks = AUD 1,815,173
There are no ongoing costs involved as the community will be responsible for the continued operation and maintenance.



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