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Across India, 58% of children do not complete primary school and only 10% complete secondary school. Government policy is that all children have a right to education and must attend school. In reality, children at school grapple every day with problems such as poorly maintained buildings, dilapidated classrooms, ill-equipped (or non-existent) libraries and laboratories, lack of sanitation facilities and even safe drinking water. Prevailing socio-cultural issues like the caste system, inadequately trained teachers and an uneducated older generation add to the complexities.

You can educate children and empower future generations through partnership with a School.

Project Goal

Excellent quality education for those in remote villages.


EMPOWER understands that education is central to genuine community transformation, to dispelling superstition and eradicating endemic poverty.
For this reason, we are excited to invite you to partner with starting new schools that will change the lives of children, their families and their wider communities.


Total Project Cost: AUD 198,528
(AUD 49,632 per school for establishment and running for 12 months)



“Our children now have what we never did. Our dreams are coming true.
We thank the supporters who are helping us to see this day. Our children have an excellent education!”


In India, even after the ‘Right to Education’ for all children was made compulsory in India, children in remote, poor villages are still deprived of education. There are multi-faceted problems regarding education including irresponsible teachers, prevailing socio-cultural issues, the caste system, ignorance and the social perspective of the poor and marginalized. However, the dominant factor prevalent is the deplorable condition of the existing schools and approach of the teachers.

EMPOWER has established 15 English Medium Schools in India. The decision to establish these schools is a reflection and example of our commitment to educate Indian children. Believing that education can transform and dispel endemic poverty, superstitious beliefs and false worship, EMPOWER has embarked on this project with a focus on generating sustainable community benefits whilst liberating the coming generation from the stronghold of darkness and ignorance.

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