India has an estimated 27 million street children. At least 100,000 of these children are in the capital city of New Delhi of which 79.5% are boys. Without the security of a family and home, street children face an alarming array of physical, psychological and social threats. Whether they were abandoned, trafficked, lost or are runaways, the immediate survival and future thriving of these street children is dependent on finding a safe house and a loving family.

Would you help rescue young boys from their frightening, hopeless situations in the street of Delhi?

Project Goal

A safe house and loving family for boys found living on the streets of New Delhi.


Street children may have been abandoned (some born to jail inmates or prostitutes who leave them on the street), trafficked, lost or are runaways.

Whatever the cause, their immediate survival and future is dependent on finding a safe house and a loving family.

The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Delhi asked Empower Australia Overseas Aid to start a Safe House for boys currently living on the streets. They are directly involved in identifying and sending the children to our Boys Safe House.

The Street Children Girls’ Safe House began in 2014 and is well underway caring for 27 girls. We are using this model to create the Street Children Boys’ Safe House. An outstanding leadership team is ready to start caring for up to 30 boys.


Establishment and 24 months running costs of a Street Children’s Boys’ Safe House in New Delhi, providing immediate relief and hope for the future for needy street children.


Includes one–time establishment costs and monthly running costs for 24 months. The entire budget is AUD 189,997.



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